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Why choose Hemming Communications?

We’re different – that’s what they all say, right? But seriously – we really aim to give the same great service as other agencies, but with one key difference. We like to try to make ourselves obsolete sometimes. Our marketing and communications are run by Tannice, a former tutor. As someone with a passion for passing on skills, Tannice likes to impart as much marketing know-how as her clients want. We love to work with small to medium businesses who have a finite budget, so we aim to teach as well as provide services to help clients get the most from their marketing.

From copywriting to social media all the way to marketing seminars and keynote speeches, Hemming Communications tailors its approach to your business goals. We want to know where you’re going, so we can come along for the ride. You do the driving and we’ll provide the navigation.

We don’t specialise in any one business area as we believe that good communications are universal. It gives us daily variety and means we can think about things with a totally fresh approach. We don’t get stuck in any pigeon holes and we enjoy the learning curve!


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